Marcia (godchildren) wrote in music_tapes,

Lyrics for Clouds and Tornadoes?

I'm so glad to have found this community!

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a lyric archive for the new album or could post their best guesses? I'm interested in "Manifest Destiny" in particular.

Also, has anyone constructed the album holder? My boyfriend doesn't want to cut ours up but I'm interested to see how it looks when it's all put together.
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i also desperately want to know the lyrics to "Manifest Destiny." it is my fave.

i don't think i'll be putting together the album holder, because it is for CDs and i got the vinyl and i'd rather preserve it as something cool that came with my record. but you could make a high-quality copy at Kinko's or some place and cut that out instead, maybe?
At the risk of sounding really dumb, I've got to ask -- is he saying "thirteen" or "fifteen"?
i originally heard it as fifteen. but now that i'm listening to it again, it's possibly he's saying either.
Ok, I'm listening to a live recording right now and you're right. It's definitely fifteen.
Oh, shit, am I going to have to get two copies of this?

Did you get the cd or the lp?
We got the LP but the holder is for a CD. I suppose you could buy one of each?


August 21 2008, 22:12:10 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  August 21 2008, 22:15:01 UTC

Damn...... I'm honestly pissed I can't seem to locate a copy of the LP for 1st Imaginary Symphony...

Nor could I secure a copy of the 2nd Imaginary Symphony that's floating around (cd-rs burned by and doodled on by Jules...).

Not that i'm a stranger to buying multiple copies of albums (God, just look at my Manic Street Preachers collection), I'm just not in the greatest position to be doing so.
i was lucky enough to get a copy of 1st Imaginary Symphony on vinyl off of Ebay a long time ago, before us Music Tapes became as rapid as we did :). unfortunately, i can't seem to find it now! i have to start taking better care of my things.

the vinyl for Clouds and Tornadoes comes with an MP3 download of the album. maybe that could tide you over until you're in a better position to be buying multiple copies.

oh. and there's an original copy of 2nd Imaginary Symphony up for sale on Ebay right now. lord knows how much it'll go for. at $202 already!
Oh my Gawd, why can't my Credit Card have more funds available on it?

Why on God's Great Earth did you show me that auction?!?!? =(
i know. i too am devastated. there's no way in the world i could afford it ever.

i remember getting my vinyl of 1st Imaginary Symphony for $40 and i thought that was a lot. i don't want to think what it'd cost now.

I have a record like that.

I had made a deal with somoene to buy a Manics record for roughly $200. Insane, I know... During the course of paying for this particular record (it was a 7", by the way), a copy sold for about $400.

He was so pissed, but he didn't reneg on the price we had agreed on, though it was taking me a long time to buy all the stuff I was buying from him (about $800 over the course of a year).
Oh, and the reason I'm not in the greatest position to buy all this crap (aside form my credit card not being in the state I want it to be in), is that I'm actually moving to Chicago in a couple months, and I really shouldn't be buying too much.

I already broke that "shouldn't be buying much" rule by buying a record I didn't need off of ebay not too long ago... For a lot more than I should have... It's embarrassing to say what it is here in this comm, so I won't... (let's just say that for something I've been wanting, paying just shy of $50 is a much better alternative to paying close to $300 for this record)

Dammit..... =(
awesome that you're moving to Chicago, though. it's a great city, as far as cities go. (pre)welcome to the city!

Really, I can't wait. I wish I could hold off on the expenses of the actual move, though.