vita nuova (__nineteen) wrote in music_tapes,
vita nuova

Saturday night I went to go see the Olivia Tremor Control at the Wicker Park Summerfest here in Chicago. I'm not a huge Olivia Tremor Control fan, but I like many of their songs and it's Elephant 6 and it was a free show, so I figured I just had to go. It was a good show, although most of the people in the crowd were really annoying yuppies who'd never heard of the Olivia Tremor Control before and just talked really loudly and spilled beer on my feet. Anyway, Julian was there, playing accordion, (bowed) banjo, and the saw. He sounded really, really good, especially on the saw. He was this giant ball of energy, too, hopping all along the stage like a little kid.

After the show, I hung around behind the stage for a bit, and Julian came over to talk to people. Yeah, they were annoying drunk people. But I got a chance to talk to him! It was very exciting. He's very shy and quiet but very nice. I asked him when the new album was coming out, and he said September. And I also got

. I wish I coulda talked more, but it was noisy, and I was just glad that I didn't act like the big puppy that I am and wasn't waaaay too overly enthusiastic (as I have done when I have met people that I admire in the past) so, yeah... I was just glad for that small moment right there. It was a big deal just for me to have met him.

Allrightey, and that's my exciting story of the summer. :)
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