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you must relate to the earthling mortal! [entries|friends|calendar]
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[09.04.08 ]


The Holiday Surprise Tour.
This is beyond amazing.
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Lyrics for Clouds and Tornadoes? [08.20.08 ]
I'm so glad to have found this community!

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a lyric archive for the new album or could post their best guesses? I'm interested in "Manifest Destiny" in particular.

Also, has anyone constructed the album holder? My boyfriend doesn't want to cut ours up but I'm interested to see how it looks when it's all put together.
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:) [07.26.08 ]



Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes out August 19th, 2008
listen to and pre-order Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes at Merge Records

for real

Also, Julian is playing at Popfest on August 16th at the 40 Watt Club. I'll be in Québec then, so I suppose I'll be there in spirit.
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Hello, if anyone still looks at this [08.18.07 ]


I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! Could this be...? I don't know anything about Nesey Gallons or what's goin' on, just that it is really wonderful and I am pretty much at a loss for words.
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"Aliens" Chords? [08.19.06 ]

I know it's on banjo, but does anybody know the chords to "Aliens"? Thanks!
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Oh my! new Music Tapes? [04.04.06 ]

Update from Julian posted on the Townhall? Yes:


A new Music Tapes release in 2006 seems ever more likely to actually happen! An exciting prospect, indeed.

And this is really something too:
The Music Tapes covering "Enlightenment" by Sun Ra live at Fort Thunder in 2000.

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a few things [03.24.06 ]

Kim Cooper announced that she is making an Elephant Six documentary.
Oh, and by the way, if you haven't seen this yet, Optical Atlas is wonderful.

And look what the crazy kids at the Townhall dug up!


- and -


Unfortunately, pages two and three don't seem to be archived. Oh well, it was nice to read anyway.

These are some of my favorites:

"making things up and watching them become real"
"the way everything is so alive"
"being 15 and shouting along to every single word to every single song on Lincoln by they might be giants"

I remember doing that with Fugazi's Repeater. :)
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[02.09.06 ]

3daysandspoiled and I recently began construction on an album. A lot of Elephant Six influence is involved.

We have been constructing tiny bits of music, as individuals at this point, nothing collaborative.

I've sort of got these ideas for a pseudo-concept album unexplainably involving the loch ness monster, an imaginary european revolution, and celibacy.

All of these are rather barebones, not a lot of work on them and far from finished, but I would like opinions on whether or not anyone thinks this thing can get off the ground.

First bit I made, I don't like it yet, it's sort of about Boats. I have minimal talent on any instruments you hear.


I haven't tried singing any lyrics yet, but I'm working things out. This is about a heart.

This is sort of an intro to the one after it, an imaginary national anthem, if you will


my favorite bit so far, sort of a riot scene, might need to adjust your volume, returns to the european-ish anthem


Theyre all different sounding, but they're also all short and small.

Opinions? If you're in a hurry, just checkout the second and last bits.
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Good good things [11.30.05 ]

Over on the lovely E6 Townhall, Plastic_hero posted an interview with Jeremy Barnes after the A Hawk and a Hacksaw show in Malmö, Sweden this past February. Among the subjects discussed are: A Hawk and A Hacksaw, dropping out of school and hanging with "crazy hippies", Neutral Milk Hotel, what Jeff Mangum's up to, the Elephant 6 Collective, and "folk dada". It's fun.


This interview from the Homelovin' zine back in 2000 is neat too if you haven't seen it already.

Also, the Neutral Milk Hotel book is out. Julian Koster is interviewed in the book. I haven't gotten my copy yet.
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Everything! [08.19.05 ]

Julian posted on the Townhall:


Excitement abounds!
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[08.17.05 ]

Hmm. So I saw OTC at that Wicker Park Fest, too. Unfortunately, I was with some kids more into grindcore than anything, so as a backdrop to the good 'ol jamming out on stage, I heard groans about how "gay" "those dudes" are. And how "gay" "all the dudes in the audience" were for liking "this shit".

Also: I think I'll be driving from Chicago to Madison to see of Montreal. I really hate the Abbey Pub, and when they played in April, I had a less than spectacular time. Is anyone else going to be at the Madison show?
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[08.01.05 ]

Saturday night I went to go see the Olivia Tremor Control at the Wicker Park Summerfest here in Chicago. I'm not a huge Olivia Tremor Control fan, but I like many of their songs and it's Elephant 6 and it was a free show, so I figured I just had to go. It was a good show, although most of the people in the crowd were really annoying yuppies who'd never heard of the Olivia Tremor Control before and just talked really loudly and spilled beer on my feet. Anyway, Julian was there, playing accordion, (bowed) banjo, and the saw. He sounded really, really good, especially on the saw. He was this giant ball of energy, too, hopping all along the stage like a little kid.

After the show, I hung around behind the stage for a bit, and Julian came over to talk to people. Yeah, they were annoying drunk people. But I got a chance to talk to him! It was very exciting. He's very shy and quiet but very nice. I asked him when the new album was coming out, and he said September. And I also got an autographCollapse ). I wish I coulda talked more, but it was noisy, and I was just glad that I didn't act like the big puppy that I am and wasn't waaaay too overly enthusiastic (as I have done when I have met people that I admire in the past) so, yeah... I was just glad for that small moment right there. It was a big deal just for me to have met him.

Allrightey, and that's my exciting story of the summer. :)
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[07.27.05 ]
Hullo, just thought I'd drop by, and say that I've just uploaded the first half of the Second Imaginary Symphony For Cloudmaking on my new Music Blog Thing. There's also a bit of news that I've collected on the various states of progress of the new projects. Which I guess is good. Not too long now, it looks like!

It's the journal that I'm using right now.

Come, come along and have a look, surely it doesn't hurt to try.

Sun, hope, and all the love in the world,

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[07.19.05 ]

Yay! I'm so glad that someone is active again on this community! (thanks, jaimi!) Well, the recent activity inspired me to go have a look at the Music Tapes discussion board and lo and behold! what did i find there???

apparently, someone was really awesome and uploaded the Music Tapes' 7" on the interweb for everyone to download. so head on over there and get a'downloading if you don't already have these songs.

(sorry if this is old news to everyone else. i haven't looked at this community or at the Music Tapes forum in such a long time. i'm a bad maintainer. sigh.)

this is all.
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[07.19.05 ]

[ mood | fresh ]

Extreme boredom got to me, and to combat it, I was perusing through the Vice Do's and Don'ts when I saw this picture ...Collapse )

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Podcasts. [02.27.05 ]

Anybody know of some good music podcasts?
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because we are all lovers of music... [01.26.05 ]

so i finally caved in and decided to try to do one of those free gift things that everyone is doing these days.

you know you wanna do both me and you a favour. i'm trying to get an iriver. (irivers are supposed to be pretty decent for FIELD RECORDINGS, which i've been dying to do since forever. you can use an external mic with the iriver and the rates are good and you can record in different formats. i'm sure some of you elephant 6 fans out there must also have some interest in field recording like i do. so yeah...)

you can get either a 20gig ipod, a 5 gig rio carbon, a 20gig iriver, $275 paypal dollars, or an ipod mini. all you have to do is complete one offer and get 5 friends to sign up and do the same. they offer the easiest offers i've seen around. just sign up for a free trial of bargain.com or traveler's advantage, and be sure to cancel before the trial is over. super easy and you get awesome stuff.

it really works. there are lots of kids here at my school who have gotten free stuff. so try it out. because i love you and we all love music. :)


all right. i'm done begging/whoring/whatever you wanna call it.

update: sign up for the Travelers Advantage free trial. you're supposed to get a free digital camera (i don't know about that), but it only takes 1 day for them to credit the offer to your account so you can get your free shit. that's awesome in my book.

(and sorry for any cross-posting.)
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[11.12.04 ]

I'm going to L.A. for Thanksgiving. While I'm there I'd like to go to a really good record store, other than Amoeba. Something that carries this kind of music. A record store that will know what I'm talking about when I ask for The Music Tapes. Anybody have some suggestions?...
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been too long since the last post... [10.29.04 ]

Pocket Full of Kryptonite

don't know how many of you have read this already. but i think Julian is especially articulate here. good read.

and that's all i have to say about that...
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since we've been pretty quiet/boring lately... [04.30.04 ]

if you're bored and feeling narcissistic/masochistic, check out indievidual.

that is all.
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