vita nuova (__nineteen) wrote in music_tapes,
vita nuova

because we are all lovers of music...

so i finally caved in and decided to try to do one of those free gift things that everyone is doing these days.

you know you wanna do both me and you a favour. i'm trying to get an iriver. (irivers are supposed to be pretty decent for FIELD RECORDINGS, which i've been dying to do since forever. you can use an external mic with the iriver and the rates are good and you can record in different formats. i'm sure some of you elephant 6 fans out there must also have some interest in field recording like i do. so yeah...)

you can get either a 20gig ipod, a 5 gig rio carbon, a 20gig iriver, $275 paypal dollars, or an ipod mini. all you have to do is complete one offer and get 5 friends to sign up and do the same. they offer the easiest offers i've seen around. just sign up for a free trial of or traveler's advantage, and be sure to cancel before the trial is over. super easy and you get awesome stuff.

it really works. there are lots of kids here at my school who have gotten free stuff. so try it out. because i love you and we all love music. :)

all right. i'm done begging/whoring/whatever you wanna call it.

update: sign up for the Travelers Advantage free trial. you're supposed to get a free digital camera (i don't know about that), but it only takes 1 day for them to credit the offer to your account so you can get your free shit. that's awesome in my book.

(and sorry for any cross-posting.)
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